As a technology Vice President with more than 25 years in industry, Jacqueline Vanacek is a Global Entrepreneurship Advisor who educates governments on Silicon Valley best practices and how cloud computing, mobility, social media and big data can streamline services. She also mentors startups in creative business collaborations. She is one of the Executives who led the U.S. Cloud Commission; industry advisor to the Eisenhower Fellows chaired by General Colin Powell; and international writer and speaker.

She is the

  • only American Corporate Executive to participate in U.S. Dept of State’s 2015 Ron Brown Forum to advise on ICT ecosystems in the Balkans
  • first American business woman sponsored for a Foreign Experts Fellowship by one of China’s Ministry of Transport Research Institutes
  • first to achieve White House honor for SAP & Stanford in U. S Federal Big Data Initiative for advances in precision medicine
  • first woman blogger for SAP on Forbes
  • first to integrate client relationship management & operations in 4 ways that changed the organizational design at Hewlett-Packard.

In her 18+ years also as a wellness counselor, she is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner with additional training in qi gong, massage, somatic psychology, intuition, Trager, Native American and numerous other mind-body techniques.

Her complete biographies can be found on her EntrepreneurshipLinkedIn and Intuitive Touch websites.

Jacqueline’s greatest passion is to blend all of her skills, expertise, contacts & guidance to mentor & coach students, startups & colleagues – to achieve their personal & career goals in a uniquely creative way.

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