Mengya Qu: Student at 清华大学 in Beijing, China
“I’m a senior student in the department of history in Tsinghua University. I planned to study history in the U.S., but now I have my startup: Mapdao, a crowd-sourcing culture repository based on location. Jacqueline has witnessed and supported so much during the journey.

I attended Jackie’s lecture about cloud computing and entrepreneurship at X-lab in Tsinghua with just a simple idea. Her speech was so inspiring: she’s so familiar with almost every case in America, and passionate and reasonable in analyzing the future. I was totally overwhelmed and wrote an email just to confirm whether or not a student in liberal arts can participate in the amazing trend. To my surprise, Jacqueline replied with a long letter: not only appreciating my idea and encourage me to pursue it, but also with practical information from an expert’s view and links for me to think and act. I was so excited and that was when I decided to take Mapdao seriously.

This encounter told a lot about Jacqueline: she respects people—–I was just an anonymous student in the email, but she replied lengthy information and resources; she is energetic and regards the new things positively, even aware of the potential risks, but she will appreciate you for dreaming big at first; she has so much resources, and recommends them based on her understanding towards your project.

During my processing, Jacqueline helped me in indicating the crucial step and potential problems underlying my next step, and kept giving precise and resourceful feedback to every update of the Mapdao. We started from the look and features, stepping into the business world monetization models and partnerships, and I got numerous precious advices from her on the software development and prototyping process. Besides, she has recommended lots of people in her networks to help me promote or protect myself, among them are Eugene Zhang/founder of TEEC Angel Fund, the Beijing attorney, and a Silicon Valley developer.

Jacqueline helps more than that. She cares about both the growth of the people and project. Besides giving advice directly, she also offers you with plenty of samples, resources since her long-year experiences in the field. For me, a girl in China who never thought about entrepreneurship before, the transfer of mentality is also challenging, and Jacqueline has helped a lot in witnessing my leap, and helping with building up my confidence. She is a great and respectful mentor.”


Bruce Wang: Marketing Manager at Xi’an Summit Technologies Co., LTD in Xi’an, China
“I met Jacqueline in Dalian, China in 2013. I was an overseas business development manager in a foreign company and Jacqueline was one of the keynote speakers at CRSIS (China International Software & Information Service Fair). I was really impressed by her presentation and after that she became my mentor.

Jacqueline is very professional on networking. She helped me to establish my networking quickly and taught me a lot of skills in relationship management. She introduced me to many significant contacts, such as at IBM, Intel, several of China’s high tech zones in Haidian district and Xi’an, and a prominent public official in China’s Ministry of Science and Technology. I talked with all of the people who Jacqueline introduced; they shared their experience on their career path and helped me a lot.

I went back to Xi’an last year and searched for and found another job. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of Jacqueline’s help. She taught me lots of methods of searching for a good job and recommended some potential jobs for me as well. I did find an ideal job with Jacqueline’s help. It was very kind of her to help me revise my resume and make it professional. I remember once she helped me revise my resume for almost 2 hours late one night and I am sorry I forgot to take the time difference into account. That really moved me. She is so good to people and keeps introducing new contacts for me. I would say she is the best mentor of my career life so far. Jacqueline is full of insights and can perfectly advise and guide any organizations in marketing or help individuals market themselves on their career path.”


Chris Lu: Finance & Operations Intern at New School Kitchen in CA USA
“Jacqueline was my mentor and helped me greatly with preparing my resume and connecting with people she thought could help me. She is very knowledgeable about how to best tailor your resume for recruiters, and always up to date on the latest trends for companies (especially the technology industry) and knows what skills are trending and likely to help get you hired.
When we first started talking I was having a hard time with figuring out what direction I wanted to go with in my career, but Jackie was able to help me find my passion. She helped me discover the little things that I liked doing whether it was in school or at work and through that I was able to have a more focused approach on where I wanted to go with my career.
She is a great mentor and a great help to anybody who needs to find a direction to go in especially right out of college!”


Jia (Sophie) Ren: Tech Savvy International Trade & Business Masters Graduate in CA USA
“Jacqueline is the best mentor, teacher and friend I’ve ever met. she helped me with my career trajectory planning and resume development–this helped me successfully find my first job after graduating. Every time we meet and communication through email, I learned new things and got thought-provoking suggestions that helped identifying and exploring my area of interest. She kindly offered me many networking opportunities with her contacts and thanks to which I learned valuable career-searching strategies in industry. Not only do I appreciate her patience and wisdom, her positive attitude towards life also guides me, I enjoy listening to the stories in her trips all around the world. It is great to have Jacqueline as my mentor and friend.”

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